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  • We will deploy network of our ATMs
    across the globe, which will allow you to
    buy and sell different crypto-currencies.
    ATMs also will allow you to send or receive
    Express International Money Transfers.
    The heart of Express International Money
    Transfers will be Ganesa Coin. Thanks to
    our technology we will be able to provide
    the highest quality services at the lowest price.
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    To increase the reach of our network we are going to acquire
    hundreds of thousands of local agents such as travel agents,
    currency exchange offices, etc., through which you will be able
    to buy and sell various crypto-currencies and send or receive
    money. Using our technology and the benefits of it, we want
    to take up a significant portion of the market of companies like
    Western Union, RIA or MoneyGram.
    E-Wallet will be available in web and mobile applications. Payments and withdrawals will be
    available via express transfer system such as SOFORT, VISA, MasterCard, agent network,
    ATM's and traditional bank transfers. E-Wallet will allow you to transfer funds, exchange
    currencies, shop in local and online stores and much more.
    Easy, fast and secure for both parties.
    Supporting multiple crypto-currencies.
    Our many years of experience in
    developing payment systems is a
    guarantee that we will create a system
    that is tailored to the needs of the market.
    We closely looked at the needs and demands
    of investors and tools created in different
    markets so far, we have gathered all this in our
    Digital Currency Exchange, which will pass most
    of the transactions of our other systems.

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dark and light will be the heart of the project, aimed to create a low-cost system of Express International Money Transfers, using the latest technology.

Absolutely unbeatable solutions and technology that leaves the competition behind.

dark and light