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Services such as "Express International Money Transfers" and "Local Exchange" require an extensive network of agents around the world. If you're interested in becoming a Ganesa Technologies agent or would like more information, click on the "Apply Now!" button and fill out the online form. A representative of Ganesa Technologies will contact you soon after you have filled out the form.

You can become a Ganesa Technologies agent if you own independent retail business, which is then deemed eligible to become a qualified Ganesa Technologies location. Some of the most common retail businesses that can become Ganesa Technologies agents include, but are not limited to:
- convenience stores
- drug stores
- financial service providers
- liquor stores
- newsagents
- pawnbrokers
- supermarkets
- travel agencies
- currency exchanges

Acquire the necessary equipment

Every Ganesa Technologies agent must have certain basic office equipment and internet service in order to conduct financial transactions.

The equipment typically required for Ganesa Technologies transactions includes:
- a working computer
- a reliable internet connection
- a working printer
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Our Services for You

Customer Support

We deliver 24/7 customer support for agents and customers who want to send, receive or exchange money.

Fully Documented

You will receive fully described software , a description of our services, flyers, stands and posters.


We offer the best commission on the market while maintaining the lowest money transfer price.

More Customers

Attract new customers by offering money transfers and cryptocurrencies exchange services. Strengthen your competitive position and enhance your customer relationships by offering them more convenience .

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To become our Agent there is no investment needed or any annual fees involved. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a printer.
If you have some questions feel free to contact us
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Rent Your Space for a Ganesa Technologies ATM

If you have a space to rent out for Ganesa Technologies ATMs, please fill the form and we will get back to you shortly

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Site specifications:

Carpet Area (sq ft.) Depth*breadth 60-100 Sq. Feet
V-SAT/CDMA Availability of flat concrete roof to install V-SAT
Must Have's
(most important)
Good to have
(prefer these factors)
Should not have (not acceptable)
Good frontage No steps/ramp Broken front road
Ease of Accessibility More than 180 degree visibility Pits in the front
Ground floor Parking space in front Obstructions in front/side
Good visibility for site & signage Minimum distance of 100m from another ATM (except if next to an ATM with >300 txn/day) In an unoccupied building
Good building condition In an unsafe spot

Specifications to be ready on possession date:

- Three side wall with plaster
- Rolling Shutter
- Permanent Power with 10 MM Cable / 1 Phase Power (1 KVA)
- No Objection Certificate for V-Sat from society / Authorities
- Signage Space
- Location of Earth Pit